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Install Instructions For Vista

There is now a single desktop version of OnTarget!2..SoftwareForArchersXpert.. SFAX Windows7-10 and SFAX Apple OSX. Each desktop version is a native application designed for the specific operating system it will be used on. You do not need a Windows VM to run SFAX on a Mac.

There are two Android handheld versions available. OT2Go->Marks and OT2Go->Spine.
There are two iOS handheld versions available for iPhone and iPad. OT2Go->Marks and OT2Go->Spine. Two similar IOS versions are in the Apple review process.

The application is organized into different stand alone screens or views. Each view has a specialized function and may have additional tabbed veiws. All the data needed for a specific view to function is on the view. No need to search from screen to screen for the data you need. It's always on the view you're working with.

Upgrade Policy
Currently, Pinwheel Software offers version updates to it products FREE of charge.

Each program comes complete with comprehensive equipment databases. To have access to the most current model year info requires an active database subscription. It should be noted that a database subscription is optional and not required for program operation.

Databases Are Current Thru April 2018
  • Bows - Years 2002-2019 (1st 2019 release)
  • Shafts - Most Manufacturers
  • Sights - Most Linear and Slider Style Sights, plus Hoggernaut support!
  • Fletching - Vanes, Feathers, Spin Wings, StarrFlight FOBs, and TurboNocks
  • Nocks - Most Available, Including TurboNocks, Magnocks, and 100+ models from Beiter!
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Hey Larry,

First of all let me say I have been using ON TARGET for a year now. It's the SHIZZLE! There is perfect accuracy with the sight tapes and pin gap charts.

I shoot indoor target, field and 3D and shoot a sightmaster sliding sight on my hunting bow. YOU can't beat the accuracy of the sight specs on this program. A ton of sight choices and a great bow and arrow database. I've found the customer service second to NONE. Larry does a great job! The ballistic calculations are perfect. Easy to use. As technical or as simple to use as you want.

I shoot a new fletching system by Starrflight.com called a FOB. Larry was very helpful with incorperating it into the sight program for the most deadly broadhead flight on the planet. With the mathmatical perfect sight tapes and pin gap templates combined with the FOB I wouldn't shoot without ON TARGET giving me the confidence of perfect sighting right away!

There is a trial offer give it a try you wont be sorry! Target shooters or hunters. Sight tapes or pin gap templates will save you hours of sight in time and more time hitting were your aiming.

Mark J Seevers
Coos Bay, OR

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