Installing Legacy Versions of SFA, TAC, and SSX

* * * !! STOP PLEASE READ !! * * *

The 16 Year Old Windows Legacy Versions Are Being Phased Out.
..New Policy Explaination..
As of 30-JUNE-2017, support for the Windows Legacy versions of SoftwareForArchers(SFA), TapesAndCharts(TAC), and ShaftSelectorXpert(SSX) will cease.    The apps will continue to function normally on the computer they were initially registered..as long as the drive is not formatted or changed, the OS re-installed, or the Windows Registry damaged or altered.
No registration codes for Legacy Licenses will be issued after 30-JUNE-2017

If you have an active (unexpired) database subscription, you can transfer your legacy license to a new  version license, as long as it is used on the same computer.

You may use the download links below to re-install the apps on a registered computer.
Download SoftwareForArchers Legacy..SFA-V2453-17-1
 Download TapesAndCharts Legacy..TAC-V3453-17-1
 Download ShaftSelectorXpert Legacy..SSX-V4453-17-1

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