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Install Instructions For Vista

Intalling OnTarget2! Products on Microsoft Vista and Win7 is now the same as for other operating systems:

Download the install program for the product version you're interested in to a directory on your computer (for Vista or Win7 it is required that you download the install program). After the download completes, you may be prompted to open the download folder. If you do, answer "yes" to open the folder. if you don't get prompt, browse to the directory where you saved the download.

Double left click on the downloaded install program (Install-???.exe) to run it.

When the install is complete, you may need to re-boot your computer. The install program will advise if this is necessary.

If the above process does not work for some reason, you may need to run the install as the administrator and make some manual adjustemnts to the desktop icon.

Download the SFA, TAC, or SSX install program to your computer. After downloading, browse to the directory you downloaded to. Right click on "Install-OT2-xxx-Vxxx.exe" and select "Run As Administrator" from the drop-down menu.

When the install is complete, you must change the properties on the desktop icon. Right click on the OT2 desktop icon. Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" checkbox. Set compatibility to "Windows98 / WindowsME". Check the "Run this program as the administrator" checkbox.

You may now start SFA, TAC, or SSX from the desktop icon.

To run the program from the Windows Start Menu, you will need to repeat setting the compatibility mode as described above. Any other shortcut you create will also have to be modified in the above fashion.

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